Guaranteed the success of a local charity

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A local charity employing more than 50 people was losing money and its free reserves were at risk of being completely depleted. Cash was running out and it was a matter of time before it would have had to shut its doors and cease to provide much needed services to the local community. The trustees had no confidence in the in-house finance team and the management information being provided.

It was essential that the financial complexities of the day to day operations were simplified and strict budgetary controls implemented without delay.
The charity outsourced its internal finance function to Styles & Co and we helped them identify and monitor essential Key Performance Indicators and introduce critical cost saving initiatives.

This enabled the trustees and the management team to reverse the deficit and generate a positive cash flow.

If you need help interpreting the financial information for your business then please contact Ian Lloyd on 01925 761 600 or to discuss further.