Played a key role in helping a client become a property developer


A new client with many years’ experience in the construction industry, and the drive and belief to set up his own property development company, has successfully put a multi million pound scheme together. The scheme combines the land owner, the main contractor and the eventual buyer of a large residential development but funding was a major hurdle.

He called upon us for help during the appraisal stages of the scheme. One of our partners, Graeme Hindley, worked closely with the client in preparing the financial and cash flow forecasts that were essential in obtaining funding for the project.

This also provided our client with more precise costing information which gave him an advantage in his negotiations with the other parties involved in the scheme, ultimately leading to a more profitable future.

If you need help preparing financial and cash flow forecasts to secure external funding then please contact Graeme Hindley on 01925 761 600 or to discuss further.