Ring fenced a company’s high value assets

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Our client’s business activities include plant hire, general groundwork contracting and civil engineering. To sustain their business growth involves a high level of capital investment in machinery.
In this sector one major bad debt or claim could severely damage or even destroy the company and in doing so, decimate the wealth that it has accumulated.

We advised our client to put a group structure in place and transfer the main assets into the new holding company, leaving the rest of the business in the trading subsidiary company.
We then implemented this reorganisation with the company’s lawyers to ensure that no tax liabilities arose for either of the companies or the shareholders.

The plant and machinery valued at over £2m, was then ring-fenced from the rest of their business.
Even in a worst case scenario, if the trading company were to fail, the director-shareholders would still retain the plant and machinery and continue to operate with minimal disruption to the core business.

If you are interested in safeguarding the high value assets in your business then please contact Sarah Salton on 01925 761 600 or sarah.salton@stylesandco.co.uk to discuss further.